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Updated: May 17, 2019

India Tree Light Muscovado Sugar is an unrefined cane sugar. As opposed to refined sugars, which can be produced anywhere in the world, the so-called unrefined sugars are in fact partially refined and produced in cane growing countries only. They are typically made using hundreds of years old know-how and so, are called traditional artisan brown sugars.

Put simply, the refining process involves collecting the cane juice, clarifying it, and boiling its water off. As cane juice is concentrated, a sticky dark syrup, called cane molasses, surrounds the pure sugar (sucrose) crystals. The color of the resulting brown sugars depends on the amount of the molasses they retain following crystallization of sucrose. They contain 8-14% molasses, and consequently, have a strong molasses flavor.

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Brand: India Tree

Ingredient: Cane sugar

Product of: Mauritius, a volcanic island off the southeast coast of Africa

Type of sugar: Unrefined cane sugar that contains about 8% molasses

Sourced and Distributed by: India Tree Gourmet Spices & Specialties, Seattle, WA

Company also sells a variety of cane sugars such as dark muscovado, demerara sugar, white sugar cubes, brown sugar cubes, fondant & icing sugar, caster sugar, and decoratives sugars.

What Sugar Is It?

  • Cane sugar

  • 93-97% sucrose, max 2% invert sugar (glucose & fructose)

  • 1.5% water, less than1% minerals

  • Crystals size: 0.3 to 0.4 mm

  • Same calories as table sugar (99.95% sucrose)

  • 4 calories per g

  • 16 calories per teaspoon (4g)

  • 48 calories per tablespoon

  • 900 calories per cup

  • Nutrition Facts in 100g light muscovado = 368 calories; 98.4 g total carbohydrates; 315 mg potassium; 10.8 mg phosphorus; 5 mg sodium; 1.31mg Iron

Production Process

  • India Tree's muscovado is produced in the island of Mauritius, which has a rich volcanic soil. The cane is cut into small pieces, crushed to extracted the juice.

  • Impurities are removed from the juice by adding lime or calcium, that bond with phosphate and other undesirable elements to form a scum which is removed by a skimming process.

  • The remaining syrup is heated in an evaporator. As water is evaporated, sugar crystals form. The moist brown sugar goes to a conditioning tower, where it is blasted with air to dry it out.

Taste & Appearance

  • Same sweetness as table sugar with strong molasses flavor

  • Offers bright, clear color, and rich taste with underlying spice, butter, and caramel flavor

  • Slightly coarser than most widely available brown sugars

  • The molasses make it a moist sticky brown sugar, that feels like wet sand.

Certifications & Special Diets

  • Non-GMO Project Verified (Note: all cane sugars are non-GMO)

  • Fair Trade Certified

  • Kosher Certified (Note: all sugars are considered Kosher)

  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and Halal


  • For tips, read this blog post: How to measure brown sugars?

  • 1 cup of India Tree light muscovado (firmly packed) = 227g = 8oz

  • 1 unpacked cup of light muscovado weighs about 2 ounces less than a cup that is packed


  • To properly keep sugar in your pantry, go here: How to store brown sugars?

  • Store tightly closed in a cool dry place indefinitely

  • If your sugar is rock hard, learn five methods to soften it here

  • For an easy way to soften it, place it in a bowl, cover with a wet cloth, and leave overnight.


  • Use in recipes calling for light brown sugar to add a more robust and complex flavor to your recipe

  • When making chocolate cake or cupcakes, swap half of the granulated sugar the recipe calls for, for muscovado sugar, to enhance the cocolate flavor and make the cake moist

  • Can be substituted by table sugar in recipes; use an equal amount of firmly packed measure of muscovado & slightly reduce liquid content by 1 to 2 Tbsp


  • Baked beans, chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread, coffee cake, cereals, pralines, and pecan pie


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