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Chemically speaking, the sugars in fresh fruits and in caloric sweeteners (such as table sugar and honey) are the same, but for our health they couldn't be more different. Sugars in fruits come along with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Find here the top guilt-free sugar swaps.

Fresh Fruit with the Same Amount of Sugar as in a Teaspoon of Table Sugar

One tsp of table sugar has 4 grams of total sugar 

Guilt Free Sweeteners | Sugar Swaps | Fresh fruit as a sweetener


  • The image above shows approximate amount of fruit with about four grams of total sugar content.

  • The average amounts of total sugar (mainly sucrose, fructose, glucose) were sourced from USDA's FoodData Central

  • Sugars in a specific fruit can differ by a significant amount from the database average. Sugar content in fruits increases with ripening. 

  • The amount of sugars in fruits may or may not be a good predictor of the fruit's sweetness.

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