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On my quest to discover all caloric sweeteners on store shelves across the United States, I found almost 100 types of products and list them here

What is a Caloric Sweetener?


From Cane or Beet

Molasses are from Cane Only

  1. Granulated sugar (table sugar)

  2. Fine granulated sugar

  3. Extra fine granulated

  4. Superfine sugar (quick dissolve sugar)

  5. Ultrafine sugar (baker’s special, baker’s, or caster)

  6. Powdered sugar (confectioners sugar) +3% starch

  7. Fondant sugar (icing or frosting sugar) +3% starch

  8. Sparkling sugar

  9. Sanding sugar

  10. Light (golden) brown sugar

  11. Dark brown sugar

  12. Pourable brown sugar (Brownulated)

  13. White sugar cubes, tablets, gourmet sugars

  14. Rock sugar (sugar swizzle stick, sugar crystal)

  15. Brown rock sugar (sugar swizzle stick, sugar crystal)

  16. Simple syrup

  17. Invert syrup (medium invert, golden syrup)

  18. Full invert syrup

  19. Light molasses (mild molasses, Barbados molasses)

  20. Dark molasses (full molasses, medium molasses)

  21. Blackstrap molasses

From Cane and Beet


All from Cane

  1. Washed or turbinado sugar, evaporated (dehydrated, dried) cane juice | Medium size crystals

  2. Demerara or turbinado sugar, evaporated (dehydrated, dried) cane juice | Coarse crystals

  3. Organic sugar

  4. Organic powdered sugar

  5. Organic light brown sugar

  6. Organic dark brown sugar

  7. Demerara or raw sugar cubes

  8. Raw cane syrup (organic cane or invert syrup)

  9. Organic molasses