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Difference between white, raw, and unref


aka turbinado sugar, demerara sugar, washed sugar,

evaporated cane juice

  • Raw cane sugars are made directly from the cane juice in a Sugar Mill, located close to cane fields. Put simply, clarified cane juice is evaporated and a single-crystallization process results in sugar crystals covered with molasses. A centrifuge is used to separate the molasses from the sucrose crystals. Raw sugars retain trace amounts of the cane molasses.


  • Raw sugars generally contain 2 to 3 percent molasses, which gives them a delicate flavor and blond to light brown colorThey typically have over 97 percent sucrose, and small amounts of invert sugar (fructose plus glucose)Their crystals are dry and free-flowing, which means they pour easily and do not clump. They usually show an attractive sparkle.


  • They are produced in a variety of crystal sizes, from medium (slightly larger than table sugar) to coarse. Coarse crystals do not readily dissolve and have a crunchy texture. Sugar cubes and syrups made from raw sugars are shown below. 


  • Raw sugars are only slightly less refined than table sugar but they are much less processedThey are perceived as healthier than table sugar, but they do not provide more nutritive value when compared to white refined sugars.

Raw Sugars


Organic Cane Sugar
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