• This page is your source to choose sweeteners based on specific priorities or needs you may have. On my quest to discover all sweeteners in stores across the United States, I found hundreds of options with legally authorized certifications marks or just manufacturer suggesting their product is for certain dietary practices (veganism, vegetarianism, ketogenic diet, paleo diet), religious beliefs (kosher, halal), food intolerance (celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance), and other diseases (diabetes). 

  • From diabetic- to tooth-friendly, finding which sweeteners are allowed for a specific purpose can be challenging. Even if you pay attention to the labels, read the ingredients list, serving size, and nutrition facts, it is not easy to be sure. For your convenience, I sorted out sweeteners by spending hundreds of hours researching them so you don't have to. So make your choice below according to what matters the most to you:

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